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The city organized a conference to promote winter clean heating and air pollution prevention work

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  In the afternoon of September 4th, in accordance with the arrangements made by Hengshui, the city held a winter clean heating and air pollution prevention work promotion conference. Mayor Zhang Xiaoyong presided over the meeting. Relevant leaders of the municipal government attended the meeting. The municipal double agency, townships, and municipal departments were mainly responsible for the comrades, and the relevant persons in charge of the gas company and the boiler company participated in the meeting.

At the meeting, Comrade Zhang Aijun, the deputy mayor of the government, conveyed the "Shenzhou City's 2019 Winter Clean and Heating Work Plan for Rural Areas" and put forward specific requirements for townships, municipal departments, gas companies and wall-hung boiler companies. Mayor Zhang Xiaoyong made an important speech and signed the "Shenzhou City's Clean Heating Responsibility Letter for the 2019 Heating Season" with townships.

The meeting emphasized that heating in winter has a bearing on people's livelihood, and it is also a people's livelihood project. Relevant units must first improve their political standing, unify their thinking into the decision-making and deployment of the Party Central Committee, earnestly increase their sense of responsibility and urgency, and make rural cleaning and heating work deeper, more detailed, and pragmatic; Implementation, do a good job in the protection of policies, control and safety, and win the recognition of the masses with good work results. Third, we must strengthen cooperation and coordination of division of labor. Relevant municipal departments, townships, and enterprises must each bear their own responsibilities, and It is necessary to coordinate and cooperate actively to ensure timely supply of gas and heat.

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