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The Municipal Bureau of Housing and Urban-Rural Development organized a site observation meeting on dust control in construction

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市住建局组织召开建筑施工扬尘治理现场观摩会。 In order to continuously improve the level of dust control in the field of building construction, and to further exchange and learn advanced management experience and methods, the Municipal Housing and Urban Construction Bureau recently organized a construction site observation meeting for dust control in construction. 副局长田兵 局相关科室负责人及驻深各 建设单位、监理单位、施工单位 主要负责人 50 余人参加 了会议 More than 50 people , including the director of the Housing and Urban Construction Bureau Zhang Liang, deputy director Tian Bing , the heads of the relevant departments of the Bureau, and the principals of construction units, supervision units and construction units in Shenzhen attended the meeting .

中通御景江山项目和深州1801直属人防工程项目。 The attendees successively observed Zhongtong Yujingjiangshan Project and Shenzhou 1801 Civil Air Defense Engineering Project. 过程 扬尘治理 方面好的做法和经验做了介绍 观摩人员对有序的施工现场和科学、规范、精细的 扬尘治理措施 给予了充分肯定,并纷纷表示要 学习先进做法,抓好自身项目扬尘治理工作 Relevant persons in charge of the construction unit introduced good practices and experience in dust control during the project construction process . The observers fully affirmed the orderly construction site and scientific, standardized, and fine dust control measures , and expressed their desire to learn. Advanced practices, do a good job of dust control of their own projects .

建筑施工扬尘治理是大气污染防治工作的重要组成部分,各相关企业一要 提高认识,真正把扬尘治理工作放在心头、落在实处;二要 细化举措,学习先进经验做法,认真落实扬尘治理相关规定,高标准做好硬化、绿化、苫盖、冲洗、湿法作业等抑尘工作;三要 完善制度,明确各方责任,定期自查自纠,建立长效机制。 The meeting pointed out that the construction of dust control is an important part of air pollution prevention and control. Relevant companies must raise awareness and truly put the dust control in mind and implement it. Second, they must refine their measures, learn advanced practices, and earnestly. Implement relevant regulations on dust control, and do a good job in dust suppression such as hardening, greening, covering, washing, and wet operation. Third, we need to improve the system, clarify the responsibilities of all parties, conduct regular self-inspection and correction, and establish a long-term mechanism.

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