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Orderly repair work on broken roads in our city

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In order to continuously improve the appearance of the city, combined with the implementation of the “Road Length System”, the summary of the damaged potholes on some roads in urban areas has been sorted out. In order to solve the problems affecting the traffic of citizens and vehicles, the Shenzhen City Administration Department has carried out road damage repair work in an orderly manner. .

Recently, the municipal engineering team dispatched a number of milling vehicles and transport vehicles to sequentially mill the problematic pavements of Yongsheng Avenue, Huanghe Road, Yongan Avenue and other roads in turn. Prior to construction, the Municipal Office formulates road maintenance plans scientifically and reasonably, supervises and repairs the construction quality and safety throughout the construction, and operates continuously.

Currently, more than 3,000 square meters of milling roads have been completed. In the next step, the milled pavement will be paved with asphalt immediately to improve the smoothness of the pavement and ensure safe and smooth travel and driving for the general public.

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