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The Municipal Housing Construction Bureau, the Municipal Natural Resources Planning Bureau and other departments jointly organized a review meeting on housing development planning in Shenzhen City

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2018-2022年住房发展规划编制工作的通知 》要求,按照市政府统一安排部署, 12月5日下午,市住建局、市自然资源和规划局、市行政审批局等相关单位对《深州市住房和发展规划(2018-2020)》初稿进行联合会审 According to the requirements of the “Notice of the Hebei Provincial Department of Housing and Urban-Rural Development on Accelerating the Development of the Housing Development Planning Plan for 2018-2022 ”, according to the unified arrangement of the municipal government , the municipal housing construction bureau, the municipal natural resources and planning bureau, The Municipal Administrative Examination and Approval Bureau and other relevant units will jointly review the preliminary draft of the "Shenzhou Housing and Development Plan (2018-2020)" .

5名专家领导对《深州市住房和发展规划(2018-2020)》初稿进行专业评审并提出具体意见。 During the review process, the planning and design unit introduced the planning process and planning points in detail. Five experts from the Municipal Natural Resources and Planning Bureau, Hengshui Planning Institute, Hengshui City Space Planning Corporation, and the Municipal Housing and Construction Bureau made The first draft of Development Plan (2018-2020) was professionally reviewed and specific suggestions were made.

The meeting emphasized that the preparation and implementation of the housing development plan for 2018-2020 is an important measure to promote the supply-side reform of real estate, further optimize the supply structure of commercial housing, and promote the stable and healthy development of the real estate market. It is an important measure for housing construction and development in the next few years and up to now. in accordance with. Relevant departments and enterprises must fully understand the importance of housing development planning, attach great importance to it, and effectively strengthen their sense of responsibility and urgency. They must strictly follow the opinions and suggestions of experts to accelerate the completion of the first draft and ensure the scientificity and leadership of the development plan.

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