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Clean coal using clear paper

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Clean Briquette Features

Clean briquettes are made of high-quality anthracite with low sulfur, low ash, and high heating value as the main raw materials. They are coal products processed by adding organic additives such as sulfur fixation, bonding, and combustion support, which are clean and environmentally friendly, and have high combustion efficiency. Clean coal is not easy to be broken after storage and transportation, and has long burning time, high calorific value, sufficient burning, less ash, long fire sealing time, fast ignition, and stable burning state.

Burning method of clean briquette

I. Ignition method: Clean briquettes have the characteristics of high ignition point and high heat, and can be completely ignited as long as the operation is correct. The method is as follows: first empty the hearth to ensure the ventilation of the hearth, then use waste paper or straw to spread the bottom, place 10 cm thick chopped wood on it, or add it to the hearth half of the furnace, ignite the firewood and add clean coal after the fire burns. There should be a gap in the clean briquette, 3-5 cm is the best. The amount of clean briquette should be appropriate, usually two to three layers (generally not less than 12), and the clean briquette point to be added for the first time After the landing, the secondary feeding is performed, and the coal addition amount is 70% -80% of the furnace. It is best to switch to medium fire after burning for 20-30 minutes. One furnace of coal can burn for 3-4 hours. Clean briquette can be used, no need to add firewood.

2. Normal combustion: The coal door above the coal stove or the fire cover above is tightly closed, and the ash removal door below is opened. The larger the ash removal door is opened, the stronger the coal combustion is, and vice versa.

3. Sealing the fire: 1. Clean up the coal ash in the furnace before sealing the fire; 2. Add clean briquette for a period of time to seal the fire; 3. Close the upper coal door and the air inlet adjustment hole, and close the lower ash removal door; 4 .Adjust the size of the entrance hole on the ash removal door according to the specific situation.

Fourth, ash unloading: 1. Turn over the heating stove of the grate, gently shake the grate to prevent excessive force from causing the unburned coal to fall; 2. The heating stove of the overall grate, quickly shake the grate to burn through The coal shattered after falling; 3. If the ash is unloaded, you can use fire hooks repeatedly from the bottom until the fire slag appears in the coal ash; 4. Observe from the furnace mouth, clean the furnace Clean up the ash with a fire hook.

Burning clean coal

1. Clean the ash as much as possible to ensure good ventilation in the furnace; 2. Add coal at one time, that is, add coal during the middle and late combustion period to prevent the furnace fire from being extinguished due to the low temperature in the furnace; 3. When adding coal, prevent adding coal powder to the furnace to affect the ventilation in the furnace and affect normal combustion; 4. Be sure to ensure the height and diameter of the chimney, and the chimney interface and the chimney itself must not leak air. (If the fire is not hot, etc.); 5. Adjust the size of the air intake on the ash removal door according to the situation when the fire is closed to prevent the fire and fire from being blocked when the fire is closed; 6. If you install a chimney hat, a hat Need to be more than 50 cm from the mouth of the chimney.

special reminder

Jieqing briquette is also coal. Improper use can also cause carbon monoxide poisoning. Although clean coal such as high-quality briquette does not have obvious smoke during combustion, it also produces carbon monoxide when it is not fully burned. Improper prevention can easily cause poisoning. Therefore, when using clean coal for heating, smoke exhaust pipes must be installed, and the smoke exhaust pipes must be unobstructed and airtight, and the heating room should be well ventilated to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning caused by air circulation.

In the case of carbon monoxide poisoning, you should quickly open the doors and windows as soon as possible, move the patient to a place that is ventilated and ventilated, and at the same time do a good job of protecting the patient from cold and warmth, and immediately call the 120 emergency phone number, and enter the hyperbaric oxygen chamber one minute earlier. Hope for survival (if there is a person with first-aid skills nearby, you can untie the patient's clothes and belt, and perform "mouth-to-mouth artificial respiration" and "thoracic heart compression massage" in time)

If there are any problems in the use of clean briquettes, please contact the briquette enterprises in time.

1. Shenzhou Shangyu Clean Coal Co., Ltd .: (responsible for Weiqiao, Dike, Gauguozhuang, Qianmotou, Wangjiajing, Datun, Yuke, Hujiachi, Qiaotun, etc.)

Xue Mingde: 15503231953

2. Shenzhou Boli Coal Co., Ltd .: (responsible for Shenzhou Town, Tangfeng, Bingcao, Mucun, Donganzhuang, Dafengying, Chenshi, Xicun, etc.)

0318-3189911 3189922

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