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Wang Wenqiang, Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, investigates and promotes rural rejuvenation

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On December 3, Wang Wenqiang, Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee went to Mucun Township and other places to conduct a survey on promoting rural revitalization.

Wang Wenqiang and his party came to Ximazhuang Village, Mucun Township, and exchanged face-to-face communication with rural cadres and peasants. They carefully understood the situation of the village and the people, the income of the people, the construction of beautiful villages, and the improvement of the living environment. , Clean and warm. Ximazhuang Village is the core area of peach production in Shenzhou. Since last year, townships and villages have begun to build beautiful villages by fighting for projects. All the large and small streets in the village have been hardened, and the greening, lighting, landscaping, and rain and sewage shunts have been synchronized. Seeing the changes in the village, Wang Wenqiang fully affirmed the work at the two levels of the village. He hoped that the village would consolidate and deepen the achievements of beautiful rural construction, improve the long-term mechanism for the improvement of the living environment, and continue to improve the sense of satisfaction and satisfaction of the people. In the construction of the village, it is adapted to the village's conditions to protect and inherit the village's historical culture and architectural characteristics.

Wang Wenqiang and his team traveled through the peach sightseeing area and came to the Xiba Gong Millennium Ancient Pear Garden. While listening to the introduction, they asked about the situation, from the number of ancient pear trees in the city, the number of trees per acre to the flowering stage, picking period, acre yield, The benefits of acres have been asked very carefully. Wang Wenqiang said that the tourism industry has great potential. Based on the original measures such as holding the Pear King Championship and attracting tourists to pick in the park, we should further develop ideas, lengthen the tourism industry chain, develop tourism projects, and let Tourists come, have fun, and can consume, so that farmers can benefit from all aspects of tourism and increase income, so as to better protect and make good use of the ancient pear garden resources.

        Wang Wenqiang and his entourage also went deep into the Liangsang fruit tree farm in Shenzhou to see on-site demonstrations of new peach varieties and new technologies, planting facilities, and yellow leek planting. They also listened to the fruit tree farm's fresh peach planting demonstration base, the construction of Shenzhou peach germplasm resource garden, One step planning and introduction, affirmation of the fruit tree farm work, I hope that the fruit tree farm as the city's key modern agricultural demonstration area, based on the city's development, talent, technical advantages, to create new varieties introduction and cultivation, advanced applicable technology research and development platform, demonstration , Lead and drive the transformation and upgrading of the city's fruit industry and play a greater role in rural revitalization.

During the survey, Wang Wenqiang emphasized that at the end of the year, the achievements and deficiencies in rural rejuvenation work should be carefully summarized. In accordance with the two-cross policy of “prosperity of industry, ecological livability, rural civilization, effective governance, and wealthy life” proposed by the central government, Actually, in Shenzhou, we plan ahead for key tasks such as roads, infrastructure, human settlements, the construction of beautiful countryside, and the construction of modern agricultural parks next year. Through the implementation of specific tasks, we will promote the full implementation of rural revitalization.

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