Implementation Rules for the Submission of Subsidies for Renting Housing for University Students

Detailed Implementation Rules for the Subsidy of Renting Housing for Newly Introduced Talents of College Students in Shenzhen (Trial)

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深字〔2018〕17号 )中“实施大学生集聚计划”, 结合我市实际,制定本细则。 In order to solve the bottlenecks restricting the economic and social development of Shenzhou, promote the deep integration of talents and development, maximize the innovation and creativity of talents, and provide talents support and intellectual security for the construction of a new era of economically strong cities and beautiful Shenzhou. The "Implementing College Students' Gathering Plan" in the " Seventeen Policies for Encouraging Talent Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Shenzhou " ( Shenzi [2018] No. 17 ), combined with the actual situation of our city, formulated these detailed rules.

I. Scope of personnel

The distribution targets of these rules refer to the newly introduced full-time PhD, master's degree candidates and full-time undergraduate students of national and provincial “double first-class” construction colleges and universities; the status of civil servants is not within this scope.

2. Issuing conditions, standards and deadlines

(I) Distribution conditions

On the basis of meeting the conditions of the above issuance scope, newly introduced university students need to work in Shenzhen for more than one year and no more than three years, and have no real estate in Shenzhen under their name (including real estate registration and commercial housing sales contract filing); employment (hiring) The time is based on the actual entry time, which is based on the bank card salary details (flow statement).

(B) Distribution Standards

The rent subsidy standard is 1,000 yuan per month for undergraduates, 1,500 yuan per month for postgraduates, and 2,000 yuan per month for doctoral students.

(3) Distribution period

The renting subsidy period starts from the month after working in Shenzhen for one year, and is paid for five consecutive years. If you buy a house in Shenzhou halfway, the subsidy for the year of purchase will be paid in full and will be suspended from the following year; if you leave the company midway, the rent subsidy for this year will no longer be issued.

Application Procedures and Distribution Process

(I) Declaration time

The application is concentrated once a year in September and will not be accepted at other times; the first batch of applicants should be employed after January 1, 2017.

(II) Application materials

The employer shall provide the following materials: a roster of subsidy recipients; originals and photocopies of four materials, such as my ID card, graduation certificate, degree certificate, employment contract (labor contract); employment certificate issued by the employer; bank card salary details (Flowing statement); fill in the "Shenzhou City newly recruited college student talent rental subsidy audit registration form" in triplicate. The above materials must be stamped with the official seal of the employer.

(3) Application procedures

用人单位组织本单位大学生人才填报《深州市新引进大学生人才租房补贴审核登记表》; 入职到岗时间审核 :由用人单位的主管部门审核大学生人才的 聘用合同(劳动合同)、银行卡工资明细(流水对账单)确定实际入职时间; 档案(学历)审核 :主管部门会同档案管理部门审核学历是否符合要求; 房产审核 :由住房和城乡建设局、自然资源和规划局等单位审核其名下房产情况。 Filling in the review form: The employer organizes the college student talents to fill in the "Shenzhou City's newly-introduced university student talent rent subsidy review registration form"; on- the-job time audit : the competent department of the employer reviews the employment contract (labor contract) of university talents , Bank card salary details (flow statement) to determine the actual entry time; file (education) review : the competent department will review the academic qualifications with the file management department; real estate review : the Housing and Urban-Rural Development Bureau, the Natural Resources and Planning Bureau and other units Real estate situation under his name.

(IV) Distribution process

Rental subsidies are subject to an annual review and issuance system. After centralized application and review, the subsidies are issued early next year. The municipal finances arrange budgets based on the results of the final review. If the employing unit is a budget unit, the rent subsidy shall be specifically issued by the employing unit; if the employing unit is a non-budget unit, the competent department of the employing unit shall be responsible for the specific disbursement.

Organizational Leadership

The Organization Department of the Municipal Party Committee, the Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, the Economic Development Zone, the Municipal Education Bureau, the Municipal Health and Health Bureau, and the Municipal Industry and Information Technology Bureau will work with the employers to implement the payment of rent subsidies. The Organization Department of the Municipal Party Committee takes the lead in coordinating and supervising implementation; the townships, economic development zones, municipal human resources and social security bureaus, municipal industrial and information bureaus, municipal education bureaus, municipal health and health bureaus, etc., are responsible departments in charge of each employing unit and are responsible for In the field of coordination and implementation, it is necessary to effectively assume the responsibility for supervision and strictly control the material review process; the Municipal Housing and Urban-Rural Construction Bureau, and the Municipal Natural Resources and Planning Bureau are responsible for conducting inquiry and review of real estate registration under the name of college students, and issuing audits report. The Municipal Finance Bureau will arrange the budget uniformly based on the results of the review. All employers shall be responsible for the work of applying for rent subsidies, managing talent services, etc., and ensuring that rent subsidies are paid in full and in place. If it is found that the declaration is not true, falsely received or misappropriated, appropriation and detention, etc., once the investigation is verified, the unit shall be disqualified from enjoying this policy, and the relevant personnel shall be held accountable as appropriate.

会同各有关部门 负责解释,自2019年12月1日起执行。 The detailed rules are to be interpreted by the Organization Department of the Municipal Party Committee together with relevant departments , and will be implemented from December 1, 2019.


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