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The city held a forum for veteran cadres

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月25日,市领导王文强、任秋彦、刘振江、范东杰、严立根与我市原部分市级老领导欢聚一堂, 共迎新春,共谋发展,共话深州美好未来。 On December 25, city leaders Wang Wenqiang, Ren Qiuyan, Liu Zhenjiang, Fan Dongjie, Yan Ligen and some of the city's former city-level leaders gathered together to welcome the Spring Festival, seek common development, and talk about the bright future of Shenzhen.

At the symposium, the old leaders expressed their opinions freely, expressed their own opinions, combined with their many years of work practice and the current actual situation of our city, and put forward many constructive ideas around industrial economy, urban construction, rural revitalization, livelihood issues, and party building. Suggestions.

City Party Secretary Wang Wenqiang spoke at the forum. He said that in recent years, under the strong leadership of provinces and cities, the city's economic and social development has made great progress. In industrial economy, agricultural economy, urban construction, global tourism, etc. All aspects have achieved sustained and healthy development. The veteran leaders present today are all outstanding representatives of veteran cadres in Shenzhou. After leaving their posts, they still pay close attention to the development of Shenzhou, the production and life of the masses, and continue to contribute wisdom and strength. These achievements are inseparable from the care and support of the old leaders.

“紧扣一条主线、完成三大任务、做到三个把握、实现八项新提升”。 Wang Wenqiang said that the general idea of the city's work next year is: "Closely on one main line, complete three major tasks, achieve three grasps, and achieve eight new improvements." 继续促进和谐稳定,发挥桥梁作用,协助市委、市政府维护大局和谐稳定; 继续监督党风廉政建设; 继续培养教育下一代,为青少年健康成长当好领路人In the next work, I hope that the old leaders will always pay attention to the development of Shenzhou, care about our work, use various platforms and opportunities to continue to serve economic development, continue to gather strengths of all parties, do more propaganda and guidance work, and accelerate economic and social Development is a good propagandist; continue to promote harmony and stability, play a role of bridge, assist the municipal party committee and government to maintain the overall harmony and stability; continue to monitor the construction of party style and clean government; continue to train and educate the next generation, and be a good leader for the healthy growth of youth .

加强沟通,经常到老干部中去,多听取他们的意见和建议; 坚决把党的老干部政策落到实处,切实保障大家的各项权益; 按照“思想上关心好、生活上照顾好、精神上关怀好”的标准,用心用情做好老干部工作,让老干部们老有所教、老有所学、老有所为、老有所乐,以更好地为我市经济社会发展贡献自己的力量。 Wang Wenqiang said that in the future, the municipal party committee and the municipal government will continue to do a good job of cadres, actively create conditions, build platforms, strengthen the construction of cadres' active positions, provide better places for fitness, leisure, and entertainment; strengthen communication and often go to cadres Go and listen more to their opinions and suggestions; resolutely implement the party's old cadre policy and effectively protect everyone's rights and interests; in accordance with the standards of "care in thought, care in life, and care in spirit" Love old cadres well, and let old cadres have something to teach, learn, do, and have fun, so as to better contribute to our city's economic and social development.

Ren Qiuyan, deputy secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, chaired the symposium.

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