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Hengshui City Safety Committee's assessment team evaluates our city's 2019 safety production and fire protection work

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月23日,衡水市安委办第三考核组对我市2019年安全生产和消防工作进行了年度考核,市委常委、常务副市长文健及市应急管理局、住建局、交通运输局、教育局、文化广电和旅游局、发展和改革局、市场监管局、卫生健康局、水利局、深州镇、东安庄乡以及市消防救援大队等单位负责同志参加了考核。 On December 23, the third assessment team of the Hengshui Municipal Safety Commission conducted an annual assessment of safety production and fire protection in our city in 2019. The Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee, Executive Deputy Mayor Wen Jian, and the Municipal Emergency Management Bureau, Housing Construction Bureau, and Transportation Bureau Responsible comrades from the Education Bureau, Culture, Radio, Television and Tourism Bureau, Development and Reform Bureau, Market Supervision Bureau, Health and Health Bureau, Water Resources Bureau, Shenzhou Town, Dong'anzhuang Township, and Municipal Fire Rescue Team participated in the assessment.

考核组通过听取企业负责人汇报、查阅档案资料和现场检查,对企业安全生产工作情况、安全教育培训情况、“双控”机制建设工作情况、隐患排查治理情况等进行了检查。 The assessment team first listened to the safety production and fire protection work report of our city in 2019, and consulted the municipal housing construction bureau, transportation bureau, Shenzhou town, Donganzhuang township and other departments and township safety production archives on the spot, Fragrant Peanut Oil Co., Ltd. and Shenzhou Branch of Jiheng Group Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. conducted on-site inspections. The assessment team listened to the report of the person in charge of the enterprise, consulted the archives, and conducted on-site inspections. The work of the "dual control" mechanism construction and the investigation and management of hidden dangers were examined.

Through the assessment, the assessment team gave a high evaluation of the city's achievements in work safety and fire protection in 2019, and held that the city attached great importance to work safety, safety supervision measures were in place, and the work was solid and effective. At the same time, the city is required to further improve its ideological understanding, implement responsibility for work safety at all levels, strengthen grassroots and basic work safety, strengthen the investigation and management of hidden dangers, and always maintain a high pressure on supervision of work safety, and effectively eliminate all types of accident hidden dangers. The healthy and stable development of economy and society provides a strong guarantee.

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