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Announcement on the release of photovoltaic revenue in Shenzhen City in 2019

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2 019年光伏收益发放公示公告 Announcement on the Distribution of Photovoltaic Revenue in Shenzhen City in 019


2019年深州市光伏收益拟发放贫困户名单共计4820户7105人(具体名单见附件), 每户 290元,共计1397800元,于11月份进行了发放 According to the decision-making deployment of the Shenzhou Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government on poverty alleviation and the work arrangements of the Municipal Leading Group for Poverty Alleviation and Poverty Alleviation, the poverty-stricken households to be issued in 2019 will be determined based on the steps of application for file registration, registration of poor households at the village level, and township review. The list totaled 4,820 households with 7,105 persons (see the attachment for the specific list), with a household price of 290 yuan and a total of 1,397,800 yuan, which were distributed in November .

12月份进行了第二次发放。 According to the industrial poverty alleviation and income increase demand, the remaining funds for the photovoltaic project proceeds were issued for the second time in December. 4770户7133人(具体名单见附件),每户11.76元。 According to the reports from the townships and villages, 4770 households and 7,133 poor households who enjoyed the benefits of photovoltaics this time (see attachment for specific list), 11.76 yuan per household. Since the remaining funds could not be evenly distributed, the remaining 43.55 yuan was allocated to Mucun Township (a total of 216 households in Mucun Township enjoyed photovoltaic benefits, of which 215 households were allocated 11.96 yuan, and the other household was allocated 12.31 yuan for a total of 2587.71 yuan). The income is 56138.75 yuan.

,十个 工作日内如有异议 请反馈我办 County-level announcement of the distribution of photovoltaic revenue for the current year is now made . If there are any objections within ten working days , please report to us . 3 337575 电子邮箱 Phone : 3 337575 , email : .


Office of the Leading Group for Poverty Alleviation and Development and Poverty Alleviation in Shenzhou

                    018年 1 2月 2 4日 2 February 18, 018


List of the second PV to be issued in 2019.rar The first list of photovoltaics to be issued in 2019.rar

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