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Wang Xuefeng, director of the Provincial Consumer Protection Committee, went to our city for investigation

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On December 18, Comrade Wang Xuefeng, the director of the provincial Consumer Protection Committee, Comrade Liu Yunfeng, the deputy director, and Comrade Zhang Fuqi, the secretary general, went to Shenzhou to investigate the situation of consumer rights protection. Yang Zeye, deputy director of Hengshui Market Supervision Administration, Liu Shuqing, deputy director of Shenzhou Municipal People's Congress, Ren Ping, deputy mayor of Shenzhou Municipal Government, and Su Xiaojun, director of Shenzhou Market Supervision Administration accompanied the investigation.

The investigation team successively inspected the development of consumer rights protection at the grassroots level of the Urban Supervision Bureau of the Market Supervision Administration, visited the Shenzhen Municipal Public Inspection and Testing Center, and held a symposium in the afternoon. Mayor Zhang Xiaoyong of the Shenzhen Municipal Government attended the symposium.

The forum first watched a feature film of consumer associations' work in protecting consumer rights in recent years, and heard briefings and reports from Mayor Zhang Xiaoyong and Director of the Market Supervision Bureau Su Xiaojun. Comrade Wang Xuefeng and his party fully affirmed the development of consumer rights protection and the construction of inspection and testing centers in our city.

The Consumer Association of Shenzhen City has a solid and effective work in safeguarding consumer rights and interests, has standardized management, and has played a significant role. It has done a lot of fruitful work to effectively protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers. The inspection and testing center has provided strong support for market supervision and maintenance of the consumer environment. Strong technical support.

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