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Announcement of Shenzhou City Leading Group Office for Poverty Alleviation and Development and Poverty Alleviation Work on the Public Solicitation of 2020 Financial Poverty Alleviation Fund

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Office of the Leading Group for Poverty Alleviation and Development and Poverty Alleviation in Shenzhou

2020年财政扶贫专项资金合作企业的公告 Announcement on the public solicitation of cooperative enterprises for special funds for fiscal poverty alleviation in 2020


我市产业扶贫项目 ,充分发挥产业增收在精准脱贫中的战略性支撑作用, 市扶贫开发和脱贫工作领导小组办公室现公开征集 2020年财政扶贫专项资金合作企业。 In order to further enlarge and strengthen the industrial poverty alleviation project in our city , and give full play to the strategic supporting role of industrial income increase in targeted poverty alleviation, the Office of the Leading Group of the Municipal Poverty Alleviation Development and Poverty Alleviation Work is now openly soliciting 2020 financial poverty alleviation funds for cooperative enterprises. The specific announcement is as follows:

征集日期 I. Solicitation Date

12月31日 From now until December 31

Requirements for Soliciting Enterprises

1. The enterprise has the status of an independent legal person and its registered capital is in principle not less than 10 million yuan;

2. It has a good social reputation, and has no operating losses for more than 2 consecutive years (including 2 years), and there is no record of untrustworthy and illegal business operations.

Third, matters needing attention

1. The leading agricultural enterprise is preferred, and the term of the agreement is in principle more than 3 years, and generally does not exceed 5 years;

2. The rate of return on special funds for poverty alleviation is not lower than the 5-year loan interest rate of the bank, and the specific rate of return shall be agreed upon by both parties;

得用于各种奖金、津贴和福利补助;弥补企业亏损;修建改造职工宿含;交通工具及通讯设备;企业担保金;其他不符合扶贫资金管理办法的支出等; 3. Poverty alleviation funds shall not be used for various bonuses, allowances and welfare subsidies; make up for corporate losses; build and renovate workers' accommodation; transportation and communication equipment; corporate guarantees;

4. The cooperative enterprise shall cooperate with the supervision and inspection of the financial and auditing departments;

规范扶贫资产收益, 优先保障扶贫资金安全和贫困户利益; 5. Cooperative enterprises shall cooperate with the implementation of risk prevention and control mechanisms, standardize the benefits of poverty alleviation assets, and prioritize the protection of poverty alleviation funds and the interests of poor households;

6. After the agreement expires, the principal invested by the special financial poverty alleviation funds must be returned unconditionally. After mutual consent between the two parties, the poverty alleviation targets may renew or re-sign the cooperation agreement. On the voluntary basis of both parties, the poverty alleviation target may renew or re-sign a cooperation agreement;

7. The enterprises participating in the solicitation will undergo feasibility assessment based on the screening results and submit to the leading group for approval after preliminary screening by relevant government departments. After the review and approval, they will be publicized on the Shenzhou Municipal People's Government Network.

Application materials

1. Company profile (including asset overview, business model, tax status, etc.);

2. Enterprise application;

3. Enterprise Letter of Commitment (including capital security, capital gains guarantee, principal return upon maturity);

4. Telephone of the person in charge and contact person of the enterprise;

5. A copy of the business license that has passed the annual review.

2019年12月31日前将申报材料报送至脱贫专班项目科,纸质版申报材料一式三份,并提供电子版申报材料一份。 All the above materials must be stamped with the official seal and submitted to the Anti-Poverty Special Projects Section before December 31, 2019. The paper application materials are in triplicate and an electronic application material is provided.

Contact: Guo Zihuan

3337575 Phone: 3337575 Email:

Address: Project Section on Anti-Poverty, Third Floor, Shenzhen Municipal People's Government



Poverty alleviation and development and poverty alleviation work in Shenzhou

Leading Group Office

December 20, 2019


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