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"Don't forget your original intention, keep your mission in mind" theme education to create a stable, fair and transparent business environment to achieve high-quality development

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The theme education of "Don't Forget Your Original Mind and Remember Your Mission"

Create a stable, fair and transparent business environment to achieve high-quality development

2019年12月2日) ( December 2, 2019)


以习近平新时代中国特色社会主义思想为指导,按照市委关于开展专项整治工作的部署要求,认真落实《影响营商环境突出问题专项整治工作方案》 ,突出五个重点方面,聚焦企业关注、群众关心、社会关切的难点、堵点、痛点问题,全面检视问题,深入剖析原因,制定整治措施,确保整治成效。 Since the launch of the theme education of “Do n’t forget the original heart and keep the mission in mind”, our city has been guided by Xi Jinping ’s new era of socialist ideas with Chinese characteristics and carefully implemented the “Special Rectification Work on Outstanding Issues Affecting the Business Environment.” The "Plan" highlights five key areas, focusing on the issues of concern, blockage, and pain of corporate concern, mass concern, and social concern, comprehensively reviewing the issues, analyzing the causes in depth, and formulating remediation measures to ensure the effectiveness of remediation.

Improve the organization, make solid progress, review issues, and comprehensively rectify. 17项,全部制定了整改措施,已经整改到位。 Establish a working class, establish a ledger, conduct regular inspections, carry out in-depth investigations and comprehensive investigations based on the city's responsibility for influencing the business environment, and conduct in-depth self-examination and comprehensive investigations. Extensive collections will be made in various ways to sort out the impacts on the business environment. There are currently 17 issues in five areas . All rectification measures have been formulated and rectification has been put in place.

1. Optimization of business environment policy. We will conscientiously implement the policy documents of Shenzhen City's Opinions on Further Encouraging Scientific and Technological Innovation in Industrial Enterprises to Promote High-Quality Development, and encourage enterprises to further increase their investment in science and technology. Improve the functions of the Shenzhou platform of Hebei Government Affairs Network and the WeChat public account, and promptly announce the approval results on the Shenzhou Government Affairs and publicize the procedures. “一窗通”网上服务平台,实现企业开办、公安刻章、涉税事项、银行开户预约社保信息备案等全程办理,同时享受证照免费邮寄等便民服务,做到了无介质、无纸化、零距离审批,真正实现群众办照从最多跑一次到一次都不跑。 Enabling the establishment of the "One Window" online service platform for enterprises to achieve the entire process of enterprise establishment, public security seals, tax-related matters, bank account opening appointments and social insurance information filing, etc., and at the same time enjoy convenient services such as free mailing of certificates and licenses. Zero-distance examination and approval, truly realize that the masses run the license from running at most once to once. Make full use of the functions of the government-enterprise service direct information platform policy service station, and implement the "Opinions on Further Encouraging Industrial Enterprises' Scientific and Technological Innovation to Promote High-Quality Development" and "Shenzhou's Implementation Opinions on Strengthening Project Construction to Promote High-Quality Economic Development" 》 And other policy documents were uploaded in time to let enterprises understand the relevant support policies. At the same time, a special person is assigned to set up the platform to solve the problems raised by the enterprise on time. At present, the platform has raised 72 questions and all are settled. Make full use of WeChat public account and other forms to help enterprises learn and use superior policies. On October 23, the Hengshui Daily and China Economic Network published relevant reports on the city's cultural tourism environment to accelerate the development of high-quality business environment in the city.

2. Service market main body. The Shenzhou City Social Credit System Leading Group was established, and two training sessions on the promotion of the construction of the Shenzhen City's social credit system were held. Each member unit sorted out the power list in a timely manner, and entered credit information such as registration and quality inspection and random inspection. Shenzhou Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital The problem of dishonesty has been effectively resolved and removed from the dishonesty list. Increase the implementation supervision of the signed projects, and conduct monthly analysis of the deployment of a number of signed projects such as Liming, Cobb Bolognai, and Zhejiang Huijia. Strengthening the investment project service mechanism, focusing on key investment projects throughout the process, CNOOC Biogas, COFCO pig slaughtering, Zhejiang Shengao, and other projects are being accelerated. 3501.41万元,完成82.7%。 Private enterprises have settled their repayment plans and stepped up their supervision. Currently, the company's repayments of 35.041 million yuan have been repaid, which is 82.7% complete. Cooperate with units of housing construction, water conservancy, transportation, natural resources, agriculture and rural areas to carry out special inspections to ensure that migrant workers' wages are under construction, conduct on-site inspections of 34 construction projects in the city, involving 2,601 migrant workers, and distributing promotional materials 1502 In the past, two cases of wage arrears have been resolved on the spot, and a commitment to guarantee wages for migrant workers has been signed. At the same time, the employers 'awareness of law observance, policy promotion, open reporting channels, and timely acceptance of complaints of wages owed to migrant workers to ensure that workers' legitimate rights and interests are protected.

3. Government window service. Completion of the standardization of government service matters and entry into the standardization platform. “一窗通”网上服务平台,已经实现企业开办全程网上办理。 The launch of the "One Window" online service platform for enterprises has been implemented, and the entire process of enterprise startup has been implemented online. Actively explore new modes of examination and approval, and coordinate and advance the reform of the examination and approval system for construction projects. In the development zone, a trial mode of "standard land + commitment system" for industrial projects was approved. As a first pilot project, Bologna Intelligent Technology (Shenzhou) Co., Ltd. signed a "standard land + commitment system" commitment and a transfer contract. The land has been delisted and the design is underway. The planning and construction permits will be processed in the next step. The "Implementation Plan for the" One Meeting, Three Books and One Certificate "System Reform on the Pilot" Double-base "Construction Project of Government Investment Projects was formulated and issued. After comparison and screening, the fourth kindergarten construction project was determined as the" One Meeting, Three Books and One Certificate " "Pilot the project. This project is a livelihood practical project that our city focuses on. It focuses on solving the problem of uneven distribution of public kindergartens in urban areas and fewer degrees. At present, the project has begun construction. To speed up the docking speed with the Hebei government affairs external network, the city's "three levels and four equals" government service matters list and implementation list have been submitted to facilitate online consultation and approval of the masses and improve efficiency.

4. Political and business relations. 4件,处理10人,给予党内严重警告5人,党内警告2人,政务记过1人,批评教育1人,查处的问题已全部办结。 Bringing business environment issues into the work of corruption among the masses, the Municipal Discipline Inspection Commission investigated and dealt with 4 outstanding issues affecting the business environment , dealt with 10 people, gave 5 serious warnings within the party, 2 people warned within the party, 1 person remembered government affairs, criticized education 1 person, all investigations have been resolved. The city's 71 key enterprises, 19 provincial and municipal key projects, 8 technology-based SMEs, 5 foreign trade export enterprises, and 6 key service industries were subcontracted by municipal leaders, and the leaders of Baolian regularly visited subcontracted enterprises. Conducted interviews and investigations to understand the difficulties and problems of the enterprise, and established a problem account. At present, the difficulties and problems of 143 enterprise projects have been sorted out and all have been resolved. At the same time, we will conscientiously do a good job in the government and enterprise service platform, and resolve 72 issues raised. Actively guide the healthy development of non-public ownership enterprises and establish a close relationship between government and business. The city government and related departments have established long-term contacts with the Hebei Chamber of Commerce in Hubei Province, Guangdong Entrepreneurs Association, Beijing Shenzhou Chamber of Commerce, Shijiazhuang Shenzhou Chamber of Commerce, China Furniture Association, Beijing Furniture Association, Guangdong Zhongshan Furniture Association and other units. Boosting economic development. At the same time, actively promote the construction of the Shenzhou Wire Mesh and Musical Instrument Association.

5. Implementation of tax and fee reduction policies. Established the "Shenzhou City Comprehensive Implementation of Tax and Fee Reduction Working Group Joint Meeting System", "Shenzhou Comprehensive Implementation of Tax and Fee Reduction Statistical Analysis System", "Shenzhou Comprehensive Tax and Fee Reduction Investigation Supervision System", and "Shenzhou Municipality" The city fully implements the tax reduction and fee reduction information disclosure and reporting system ", the" Shenzhou city fully implements the tax reduction and fee assessment report system ", the" Shenzhou city fully implements the tax reduction and fee promotion and service system ", and has implemented them, Regularly analyze the implementation effect of the city's tax and fee reduction policies and fully implement the relevant policies on tax and fee reduction. Open source through multiple channels to make up for revenue reductions, clear balance funds, reduce general expenditures, harden budget implementation constraints, and strengthen local government debt control. Since this year, the financial operation of our city has been stable, alleviating the contradiction between revenue and expenditure. 1.5亿元;收回部门结算资金8102万元、本级不能执行资金4200万元,收回项目资金1709万元;压减一般性支出幅度为10%、预计全年比上年减少4500万元;“三保”支出预算保障率达到143%;政府综合债务率低于100%,处于合理空间;出台了《中共深州市委财经委员会办公室关于全面实施预算绩效管理的实施意见》。 Increased financial resources by 150 million yuan through transfer of budget stability adjustment funds ; recovery of departmental settlement funds of 81.02 million yuan, non-executable funds of 42 million yuan, and recovery of project funds of 17.09 million yuan; reduction of general expenditures by 10%, expected for the whole year 45 million yuan less than the previous year; the budget guarantee rate of the "three guarantees" expenditure reached 143%; the government's comprehensive debt rate is below 100%, which is in a reasonable space; the "Shenzhen Municipal CPC Committee of Finance and Economics Committee's implementation of the comprehensive implementation of budget performance management opinion". Conducted comprehensive self-examination and selective spot checks on service charging behaviors such as administrative examination and approval intermediaries, inspected administrative charges for traffic police brigade, natural resources bureau, water management bureau of urban management bureau, court, agricultural and rural bureau, and established and perfected charging formula system .

Follow-up measures and long-term adherence. The city will regard optimizing the business environment as a long-term task, and regularly organize and carry out special rectifications to look back, truly identify existing problems, implement rectification measures, and consolidate and deepen the effectiveness of rectification. 党的十九届四中全会精神和省委九届九次全会、衡水市委四届六次全会精神,加强制度建设,推进治理体系和治理能力现代化,努力营造良好营商环境,推进招商引资和项目建设,为企业、为群众提供优质服务。 Implement the spirit of the Fourth Plenary Session of the Nineteenth Central Committee of the CPC and the Ninth Plenary Session of the Ninth Provincial Party Committee and the Sixth Plenary Session of the Fourth Hengshui Municipal Committee, strengthen system construction, promote the modernization of governance system and capacity, strive to create a good business environment, and promote investment Attract investment and project construction to provide quality services for enterprises and the masses.

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