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The city's anti-crime and anti-evil indicators rank among the top in the province

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The city's anti-crime and anti-evil indicators rank among the top in the province

7项整改措施已全部完成 As of now, three rectification tasks and seven rectification measures have been completed.


Since the launch of the theme education, our city has resolutely implemented the spirit of General Secretary Jinping ’s important instructions and the relevant decision-making arrangements of the central, provincial and municipal governments. , Has achieved obvious results. 7项整改措施已全部完成。 Up to now, all three rectification tasks and seven rectification measures have been completed. A recent survey on the satisfaction of the masses with a sense of security in the province ’s special campaign to combat crime and ward off evils shows that the city ’s efforts to combat crime, the effectiveness of the campaign to combat crime and ward off evils, and the sense of public safety rank among the top in the province.

Raise political standing and make overall arrangements for deployment. “不忘初心、牢记使命”主题教育与扫黑除恶专项斗争紧密结合的重要抓手,确保打深打透、除恶务尽。 The Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government attach great importance to the special rectification work of combating evils and evils , and require the city to regard the implementation of special rectification as an important starting point to promote the close integration of the theme education of “not forgetting the original intention and remembering the mission” and the special struggle to eliminate evils. Thorough and eliminate evil affairs. On November 7th, the city's leading group for the special campaign to combat crime and eliminate evil held the second meeting of the city's special campaign for combating crime and eliminating evil, to study and dispatch special rectification work, accurately grasp the main tasks of the current stage of the special struggle, and ask the city to set off another round of crackdown. Eliminate the evil climax, adhere to the "three-level secretary" to grasp directly, carry out in-depth talk activities, conducted the pressure to the rural grassroots, and truly ensure that the layers of responsibility are in place. Responsible departments strictly followed the requirements of the rectification tasks, and worked hard to promote the rigorous implementation of various rectification measures. 听取专项整治进展,细化分工、压实责任,有效推动了专项整治工作的顺利开展。 At the same time, the special rectification leading group office held three dispatch meetings to hear the progress of special rectification, refine the division of labor and compact responsibilities, effectively promoting the smooth development of special rectification work.

严惩黑恶犯罪 Adhere to the combination of special groups and severe punishment for underworld crimes . “严打”方针,按照“大案攻坚、打网破伞、打财断血”的主攻方向,坚持深化“八开展、八跟进”专项行动,在对重点行业领域继续深挖案件线索的同时,积极开展打击涉黑涉恶、黄赌毒违法犯罪的专项整治行动,注重延伸打击容易滋生黑恶问题的新型犯罪。 China's municipal law system adheres to the "strike hard" policy, in accordance with the main direction of "major crimes, breaking the net, breaking the net, breaking money and blood," and insisting on deepening the "eight development, eight follow-up" special action, and continue to deepen in key industry areas While digging for clues on the case, we are actively carrying out special rectification actions to combat crimes involving black and evil, yellow gambling and drugs, and pay attention to extending and cracking down on new types of crimes that are prone to the problem of black and evil. Collecting and investigating clues about black and evil cases has always been an important basis and prerequisite for blackmailing and eliminating evils, and mobilized relevant departments and social forces to expand clue collection channels. ,打出气势、扫出氛围, 通过 在市区、乡村醒目位置悬挂宣传横幅标语,电子屏滚动播放扫黑除恶宣传内容; 协调市电视台开辟专栏,播出扫黑除恶标语和倡议书 ;通过短信、微信公众号等方式频繁发布扫黑除恶专项斗争打击重点及举报方式, 充分调动了群众积极性,切实浓厚扫黑除恶的氛围 实现了舆论宣传全覆盖,形成 扫黑除恶的高压态势。 Widely mobilize the masses , create momentum and sweep out the atmosphere, by hanging promotional banner slogans in prominent locations in urban areas and villages, and scrolling through the electronic screen to broadcast the content of anti-evil and anti-evil propaganda; coordinate the city TV station to open a column to broadcast the anti-evil and anti-evil signs and initiatives Book ; frequently released special fight against evil and anti-evil fight methods and reports through SMS, WeChat public account, etc., fully aroused the enthusiasm of the masses, and effectively strengthened the atmosphere to eliminate evil and evil, and achieved full coverage of publicity and propaganda. Eliminate the evil high-pressure situation. 1个抓获犯罪嫌疑人10名,逮捕九类涉恶人员42名。 Since the beginning of this year, 10 criminal suspects have been arrested and one of the nine types of criminal-related persons has been arrested. Three criminal suspects related to yellow and gambling were arrested and 24 illegal offenders were arrested. He has cracked down on cases of gambling by Han Mou and others; Xu Mou organized and accommodated cases of prostitution and others. 4人,采取社区戒毒2人、强制戒毒2人。 The public security organs conduct regular tests on registered drug addicts, find out 4 people who continue to use drugs , and take 2 people to detoxify in the community and 2 people to quit. During the ban on planting and poisoning, 7 cases of illegal cultivation of original drug plants were investigated and dealt with, and 8 people were detained administratively. A total of 295 poppies and 373 poppy fruits were seized.

Pay attention to building while sweeping and consolidating the grassroots foundation. “两委”换届“回头看”和软弱涣散村级党组织整顿,全面清理受到刑事处罚、存在“村霸”和涉黑涉恶等问题村干部并补齐配强,加大对新任村“两委”成员的党性、业务知识及法律知识的培训力度,充分发挥村党组织战斗堡垒作用,服务群众能力和水平明显提升。 Deepen the reform of the "two committees" of the village , "look back" and rectify the weak and scattered village-level party organizations, comprehensively clean up the village cadres who have been penalized, have "village hegemony" and black and evil issues, and strengthen their abilities The newly-appointed members of the "two committees" of the Party have trained in party spirit, business knowledge and legal knowledge, giving full play to the role of the village party organization in fighting fortresses, and significantly improving the ability and level of serving the masses. The political environment at the grass-roots level has been thoroughly purified, the grass-roots political power has been consolidated, and the sources of illegal and criminal breeding grounds have been eliminated from the source.

协调 会商,提升打击合力。 We will deepen coordination and consultation, and increase the combined effectiveness of crackdowns. 市扫黑办 先后 6 召开了扫黑办全体人员会议,传达上级指示精神,安排部署我市扫黑除恶工作,对工作中出现的具体问题统一研究、统一政策、统一安排, 协同 公、检、法、纪 监委 积极履行 案件会商机制, 40 起案件 及线索 进行了集体会商, 明确了工作方向,提高了工作效率,全力推进扫黑除恶专项斗争领导小组会议各项要求的贯彻落实 Since the beginning of this year, the Municipal Anti-Corruption Office has held six meetings of all personnel of the Anti-corruption Office, conveying the spirit of instructions from its superiors, arranging for the deployment of anti-evil and anti-evil work in our city, and conducting unified research, unified policies, and unified arrangements for specific problems that arise in the work. In cooperation with the Public Prosecutors, Prosecutors, Law Commissions and Discipline Inspection Commission, they actively implemented the case consultation mechanism, conducted collective consultations on 40 cases and clues , clarified the direction of work, improved work efficiency, and fully promoted the leading group for the fight against evil and evil. Implementation of the requirements of the meeting . 中央政法部门制定的关于 “恶势力”、“套路贷”、“软暴力”、涉黑涉恶财产处置4个指导文件和“两高两部”联合印发的关于“非法放贷”、“网络涉黑涉恶犯罪”等指导性文件进行深入学习研讨,明确了执法办案标准,增强了协同办案能力,提高了依法打击的精准性。 At the same time, we pay attention to organizational learning, and jointly issued four guidance documents on "evil forces", "routine loans", "soft violence", the disposal of black and evil assets and the "two high and two ministries" formulated by the central political and legal department . Guiding documents such as "illegal lending" and "Internet-related black crimes involving evil" have conducted in-depth study and discussion, clarified the standards for law enforcement, strengthened the ability to coordinate cases, and improved the accuracy of cracking down on law.


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