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Announcement on the public solicitation of the municipal government's livelihood matters in 2020

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Shenzhen Municipal People's Government Office

Objectives of Public Solicitation on Municipal People's Livelihood Matters in 2020

Public notice


In order to continue to work hard to do good things that are relevant to the immediate interests of the masses, and to further improve the scientific and democratic level of government decision-making, the municipal government office is now publicly soliciting opinions and suggestions on 2020 municipal government's livelihood matters through the media. The specific announcement is as follows:

I. Solicitation Date

From now until December 15

Solicitation content and requirements

The content of publicly-listed livelihood practical projects mainly includes: environmental governance, public education, health care, culture and sports, transportation, food and drug safety, employment and entrepreneurship, housing security, social security, retirement assistance, poverty relief, public safety, urban management, Suggestions and suggestions in various fields such as convenience services.

Publicly-listed practical projects for people's livelihood should closely focus on safeguarding and improving people's livelihood, fully reflecting inclusiveness, public welfare and urgency, strong representativeness, and broad benefits; they should be highly targeted and feasible to ensure that they can be implemented in the same year , Completed in that year, effective in that year.

Third, the collection methods and objects

The municipal government conducts extensive solicitations from all citizens, members of the National People's Congress, and members of the CPPCC through public solicitations, collective solicitations, and specific symbol collections.


Submit opinions and suggestions through the municipal government website, WeChat public account, Internet mailbox, paper letter, fax or call, etc., and indicate the name, identity, address, and telephone number of the proposer, as follows:

1. Government portal site: Login to the "Shenzhou People's Government" portal site ( and leave a message in the interactive section of the government;

2. Add WeChat public account "Shenzhou TV" and leave a message below the announcement; 3. The public mailbox of the Shenzhen Municipal People's Government Office: ;

4. Letter: Write a letter to the Office of the People's Government of Shenzhou (mailing address: 120 Changjiang Road, Shenzhou, 053800) via paper letter, and write "People's Suggestion" in the upper right corner of the envelope;

5. Fax or call: fax 3312052 call 3312227


We look forward to your valuable comments and suggestions!


December 2, 2019


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