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Shenzhou City Holds a Promotion Conference on the Construction of the "Double Control" Mechanism

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In order to thoroughly implement the work requirements of the provinces and municipalities on furthering the construction of the "dual control" system, the construction of the city's "dual control" mechanism will be accelerated. On December 18th, Shenzhen City organized a meeting to observe and promote the construction of the "dual-control" mechanism. More than 60 people in charge of deputy posts, section chiefs, and supervisors of safety supervision stations in the relevant member units of townships and districts and the safety committee attended the meeting. Su Wei, director of the Office and director of the Emergency Management Bureau, attended and spoke.

The meeting first heard the development of Ruifeng Power Cylinder Co., Ltd.'s "dual control" mechanism construction work; subsequently, the participants conducted work development of enterprise production safety risk factor identification, risk level determination, management control measures formulation, hidden dangers investigation and management, etc. On-site observations; After the on-site observations, various industry authorities reported on the development of the “dual-control” mechanism in the industry and the cultivation of pilot enterprises; related experts introduced the experience of the “dual-control” mechanism; Su Wei, the director of the committee and the director of the Emergency Management Bureau, made a concluding speech. Su Wei emphasized that the establishment of a dual prevention system of risk classification management and hidden danger investigation and governance is a major decision-making deployment of the Party Central Committee and the State Council to establish a sound risk prevention and resolution mechanism, and is a defense in depth The effective means of advancing the gate and controlling the source is the concrete manifestation of the implementation of the responsibility of the company's main body of production safety. All townships and districts and departments should further increase their awareness and strengthen the construction of a dual-control prevention mechanism for risk classification management and hidden danger investigation and governance. Comprehensively improve the intrinsic safety of enterprises Flat, prevent the occurrence of various types of production safety accidents, and lay a solid foundation for the city's production safety situation continues to stabilize.

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