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The city held a live webcast event of “Enjoying ice and snow to help the Winter Olympics”

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月18日,市教育局与市融媒体中心在深州镇高级小学联合举办了“百县百校万人同日上冰雪”网络直播活动。 On December 18, the Municipal Education Bureau and the City Financial Media Center jointly held a live webcast of "100 counties, 100 schools, and snow on the same day" in Shenzhou Town Senior Primary School.

欢快而富有激情的音乐, 学生们准备的陆地冰壶、轮滑等一系列校园冰雪特色节目陆续上演,装备齐全的小冰雪运动员们在专业教练的引领下,尽情体验着冰雪运动带来的乐趣。 At the event, accompanied by cheerful and passionate music, a series of campus ice and snow special programs prepared by the students were staged one after another. Fully equipped small ice and snow athletes, under the guidance of professional coaches, experienced ice and snow sports to the fullest. Bring fun. Hundreds of student representatives who participated in the performances ignited the passion and vitality in the winter with sports.

充分展示了我市冰雪运动普及发展和“冰雪活动进校园”活动的成果, 并通过线上网络直播,带动了全社会的广泛参与。 The live broadcast activity concentratedly showed the number of people attending ice and snow in 100 schools and schools in 100 counties. It also showed the results of the popularization of ice and snow sports in our city and the results of the "Ice and Snow Activities Entering the Campus" activity. Wide participation. It is understood that Hebei Province's "100 counties and 100 schools on the same day on the ice and snow" activity was launched simultaneously in 110 schools in 100 counties (cities, districts) in the province, with nearly 300,000 direct participants. This activity is mainly for primary and secondary school students. Through the ice and snow sports to enter campus activities, it will create a strong atmosphere for people to enjoy ice and snow and help the Winter Olympics, further ignite the enthusiasm of young people to participate in ice and snow sports, and promote the popularity and promotion of ice and snow sports in the city.

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