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City Disabled Persons' Federation Freely Adapts Hearing Aids for the Hearing Disabled

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月6日,市残联组织开展了第二批持证残疾人辅助适配服务活动。 On November 6, the Municipal Disabled Persons' Federation organized the second batch of assisted adaptation service activities for persons with disabilities. For 40 hearing-impaired people in Wangjiajing Town, Chenshi Town, and Xicun Township, free hearing aids were distributed free of charge, allowing them to return to the "sound" world. This is another practical event for the masses in the theme education activity of "Don't forget the original heart and keep the mission in mind".

At the Municipal Disabled Persons' Federation, hearing experts conducted professional ear canal tests for the hearing status of the disabled, and then demonstrated the use of hearing aids on the spot, instructed the disabled to operate, distributed free hearing aids to disabled people who have tested, and taught them Easy-to-use hearing aid use and maintenance knowledge. The development of this activity has improved the ability of people with hearing disabilities to communicate and participate in society, further reduced the burden on families, and significantly enhanced the sense of gain and happiness of people with disabilities.

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