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"Four-step linkage" in Shenzhen City to rectify weak and scattered grass-roots party organizations

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“四步联动”整顿软弱涣散基层党组织 "Four-step linkage" in Shenzhen City to rectify weak and scattered grass-roots party organizations

Since the launch of the theme education of “Do n’t forget the original intention and keep the mission in mind”, the Shenzhen Municipal Party Committee has firmly established the concept of “grasping party building means development, stability, people ’s livelihood, and the party ’s ruling foundation.” Law, solidly do a good job of special rectification of the problem of weak grass-roots party organization education and loose party members education management loose soft grassroots party building main body responsibility.

“病因”。 Difficult and complicated diseases were found out, asking the people to check the "cause". “百名干部做表率,千名干部下基层”活动,由市级领导带队,就基层党建、扶贫脱贫攻坚、人居环境整治、扫黑除恶专项斗争等工作到分包乡村走访调研。 Combined with the city's "one hundred cadres to set an example, one thousand cadres to the grass-roots level" activity, the city-level leaders led a team to visit subcontracted villages on grass-roots party building, poverty alleviation and poverty alleviation, settlement of the living environment, and special campaigns to combat evil and eliminate evil. Research. Through home visits, interviews with the public sentiment, and holding special meetings, etc., they talked deeply with the party members and the masses, learned about the village situation and social conditions, investigated the causes of weakness and dispersal, established a "medical record" from village to village, and sought medical advice. At the same time, the organization of the "two committees" re-election of the village "look back" was organized again to conduct a joint review of the current members of the "two committees" of the village to ensure the building of a loyal and clean village "two committees" cadre team. 41 个,其中,村干部受过刑事处罚问题 6 个,信访矛盾突出 30 个,村党组织书记不胜任不尽职 5 个。 In this special rectification, the city found a total of 41 weak and scattered village-level party organizations , of which 6 had cadres who had been subject to criminal punishment , 30 had conflicts in letters and visits , and 5 were incompetent and incompetent .

“处方”。 Many parties jointly consulted and prescribed a prescription. “分类施治”“对症下药”, 逐村总结建立 “村情分析表”。 Aiming at the contradictions and problems existing in the weak and scattered villages, the three levels of city, town, and village linkages “classify treatment” and “remedy the symptoms”, and summarize the “village situation analysis form” by village . 建立 “四个一”包联转化机制, 29 个结对市直单位共派出 41 名机关干部到 村担任第一书记。 The city established a "four one" package association transformation mechanism, and 29 pairs of municipal units sent 41 government officials to the village as the first secretary. 3 次就排查整顿工作作出具体安排部署,要求形成工作合力,倒排工期,挂图作战,责任到人,高质量做好整顿工作。 The Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee has made specific arrangements for the investigation and rectification three times, and requires the formation of joint efforts, inversion of schedules, wall charts, responsibilities to people, and high-quality rectification. 17 个乡镇 41 个软弱涣散村级党组织,与乡村干部一起,针对存在问题,研究整顿举措,指导推动转化。 In particular, during the National Day holiday, Comrade Zhang Xiaoyong, the deputy secretary of the municipal party committee and mayor, led a team to go to 41 weak township party organizations in 17 towns and villages. Together with the rural cadres, they studied and rectified measures to guide existing problems. 5 次召集结对市直单位、驻村第一书记、乡镇党委主管副职、软弱涣散村级党组织书记专门召开整顿工作调度会、推进会 The Organization Department of the Municipal Party Committee played a leading role in coordinating and repeatedly issued the “Reminder Card for Reorganizing Weak and Dispersed Village Party Organizations” to municipal leaders, township party committees, and related municipalities . The deputy director of the township party committee and the weak and scattered village-level party organization secretary specially held the rectification work scheduling meeting and the promotion meeting . 党委书记抓基层党建述职评议考核重要内容之一,强化考核问效,倒逼党委主体责任和党委书记第一责任人责任落实落地。 In addition, the Organization Department of the Municipal Party Committee insists that the centralization and rectification work be included in the inspection of the subject's educational effects and that the party committee secretaries at the grass- roots party committees grasp one of the important contents of the review and evaluation of the work of the party committees at the basic level. . This special rectification work adheres to the problem-oriented approach, focusing on the causes of weakness and dispersal, and focusing on the crux of the problem. “四议两公开”制度;对涉及民事纠纷的,帮助诉诸法律程序妥善化解。 In the process of rectification, we should delve into the contradictions between letters and visits, and dilute the awareness of party members and cadres. Through party education and special training, we should effectively improve the sense of party spirit and service; And rectification within a time limit, the first secretary of the village and the village and townships provide guidance to the village; if the village affairs financial management is chaotic, strengthen supervision, carry out asset verification, strictly implement the "four discussions and two open" system; for civil disputes involved Yes, help to resolve legal proceedings properly. 余个。 At present, through consultations, we have helped more than 30 weak and scattered village-level party organizations to solve difficult and difficult issues . 8 日为全市“主题党日”活动开展日,落实好“三会一课”制度。 It is clear that the 8th of each month is the city's "theme party day" activity development day, and implement the "three meetings and one lesson" system. 832 个基层党支部党内生活政治化,活动开展常态化,教育管理制度化,党员教育管理宽松软难题得到有效化解。 The Organization Department of the Municipal Party Committee clarifies the theme of the Party Day at the beginning of each month, and determines some of the "prescribed actions." Party branches of the grass-roots party committees then select "optional actions" based on the actual situation. The two-way interaction politicizes the intra-party life of the 832 grass-roots party branches in the city . The activities are normalized, the education management is institutionalized, and the problem of loose and soft education management for party members has been effectively resolved.

“领头羊”,调整充实新“药引”。 Select and strengthen the "leaders" and adjust and enrich the new "medicine introduction". “两委”班子成员。 Through this centralized rectification work, the city resolutely eliminated the incompetent and incompetent village party organization secretary, and made great efforts to select and supplement the members of the "two committees" of the village . Municipalities and towns consolidate the consensus of the villages by visiting party members and mass representatives and convening party member conferences. 名村“两委”成员,其中村党支部书记 6 人,切实增强了村党组织的组织力、凝聚力和战斗力。 In this rectification work, a total of 12 members of the "two committees" of the village were selected and strengthened , including 6 members of the village party branch, which effectively strengthened the organization, cohesion, and combat effectiveness of the village party organization. 465 村级党组织书记培训全覆盖,同时,组织 41 个软弱涣散村级党组织书记到衡水参加专题培训班。 The Organization Department of the Municipal Party Committee held a theme education training class for the city ’s grass-roots party organization secretaries, giving lectures on topics such as “Xi Jinping ’s“ Do n’t Forget Your Original Mind and Remembering the Mission ”Exposition”, “Xi Jinping ’s Outline of Learning Socialism with Chinese Characteristics in the New Era,” and thematic education Work and grass-roots party building work were explained to achieve full coverage of the city's 465 village-level party organization secretary training. At the same time, 41 weak and scattered village-level party organization secretaries were organized to attend special training classes in Hengshui. In conjunction with the Municipal Work Committee of the Municipal Party Committee, the Municipal Party Organization Secretary Special Training Course was organized. Comrade Fan Dongjie, member of the Standing Committee and Minister of Organization of the Municipal Committee, delivered a special lecture on the topic of "How to be a Party Branch Secretary of a Qualified Institution." , Set an example. "

“病根”。 Dynamic management grasps supervision, consolidates the curative effect and eliminates the “root cause”. The rectification of weak and scattered village-level party organization work will be included in the thematic education tour guide group to supervise and inspect the major items. “周报表”制度,采取台账式、清单式、销号式管理,确保整顿一个销号一个。 The Organization Department of the Municipal Party Committee implements a "weekly report" system, adopting ledger, list, and sales management to ensure that each sales account is rectified. For the resolution of the conflicts between letters and visits, telephone interviews or on-site visits are used to understand the satisfaction and recognition of both parties and truly resolve the masses' concerns, annoyances, and uneasiness. 市级分包领导、结对市直单位、驻村第一书记组织召开支委会、党员大会从排查摸底、整治措施、整治效果、整顿责任 4 个方面,积极开展基层自评、群众测评等工作。 After this centralized rectification was completed, the municipal subcontracting leaders, paired municipal units, and the first secretary of the village organized a subcommittee and party member conference to actively carry out grassroots self-management from four aspects: investigation, rectification measures, rectification effects, and rectification responsibilities . Evaluation, mass evaluation and other work. 7 个验收组进行组织考评,由部务会成员带队在个别访谈、查阅资料基础上,根据群众意见和自我评估等情况,对整顿情况进行综合研判,评选出等次为 “好”的共 8 个村,其余 33 个村均评价为 “较好”。 The Organization Department of the Municipal Party Committee organized 7 acceptance groups to conduct organizational evaluations. Members of the Council of the Ministry led a team to conduct comprehensive research and judgment on the rectification situation based on individual interviews and data review, based on the opinions of the masses and self-assessment . A total of 8 villages were evaluated as "Good" , and the remaining 33 villages were evaluated as "Good". Through this special rectification work, the functions of village-level party organizations have been significantly released, the village situation and social conditions have been significantly stabilized, the relationship between the party, the masses, and the cadres has become more harmonious, and the public satisfaction has generally improved. Next, we must not only consolidate the results of this rectification and transformation, but also study and judge other village-level party organizations in advance to prevent the decline from being a weak and scattered village-level party organization. We must also summarize the advanced practices and typical experiences of this centralized rectification work, and strive to No more weak and scattered village-level party organizations. 严格落实村级运转保障经费,发展壮大村集体经济 ,彻底消灭集体经济空白村 继续实施村级组织活动场所 “效能提升”工程,按照“六有”标准完善 农村综合服务站建设, 切实基层党组织服务群众、自我造血的能力 Establish and improve the work mechanism of grassroots party building and permanent work, continue to implement the "leader" project of the village party secretary, strictly implement the village-level operation guarantee funds, develop and strengthen the collective economy of the village , completely eliminate the blank villages of the collective economy , and continue to implement the village-level Organize the "efficiency improvement" project of the activity site , improve the construction of comprehensive rural service stations in accordance with the "six" standard , and effectively strengthen the ability of grassroots party organizations to serve the masses and to make blood themselves .


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