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The 19th Invoice Lottery in Our City Ended Successfully

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月19日,我市发票摇奖第十九期《开票有喜》活动圆满落幕。 On November 19th, the nineteenth issue of "Invoice and Happiness" was successfully concluded.

28,639 invoices were entered in the 19th issue, with a total amount of more than 4.47 million yuan. During the prize drawing activities, the notary staff of the Municipal Notary Office supervised the lottery process to ensure that the activities were open, fair and just. The prize-giving ceremony was in the form of a live show of "Billing and Happiness". Through various interesting and intense game links, various awards were presented on-site and off-site. As the winner of the first prize in the arena turned the lucky carousel, the winner of the nineteenth special issue of "Invoicing with Joy" was also shaken for us.

Since the launch of the invoice lottery campaign, it has received widespread attention from all walks of life. While increasing the city's tax revenue, it has also greatly improved the awareness of tax protection for the entire people. At present, the entry of the twentieth invoice is in full swing, and my heart is not as good as action. Consumers are asking for invoices and are lucky to win the prize. Maybe the next prize winner is you.

Here, I would like to remind the lucky friends who have won the prize. The prize redemption time is from 25th to 29th of this month. Please bring the original and copy of the invoice and ID card to the first floor of the city television station to receive the prize.

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