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Deputy Director of Provincial Emergency Management Office

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Recently, Deputy Director of the Provincial Office of Emergency Management Pan Lixuan led a team to Shenzhen to conduct investigations on key tasks such as “not forgetting the original heart and remembering the mission”, the construction of a “dual control” mechanism, and special rectification of production safety in key industries. The research team first listened to the report on the development of the city's related work, and then went deep into the construction site of Zhongtong Yujing Phase II and the Shenzhou Hospital to supervise the development of the construction of the "dual control" mechanism by viewing the site and consulting the data. Inspection, and held a discussion with the responsible comrades of relevant units, and exchanged opinions with the city on the problems found in the investigation and supervision.

Standing members of the municipal party committee, municipal government deputy mayor Wen Jian, deputy mayor of the municipal government Yan Ligen, and responsible comrades from the municipal emergency management bureau, housing construction bureau, and health bureau participated in the survey.

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