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Municipal Bureau of Housing and Urban-Rural Development Promotes Rural Popular Housing Construction

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This year, 135 households in rural dilapidated houses in our city will be renovated in 2019-2020. After re-examination by departments, towns and villages, they will be dynamically adjusted to 174 households. So far, all construction has been completed.

重要内容 之一,也是我市重点民心工程之一。 Renovation of rural dilapidated houses is one of the important contents of "two cares and three guarantees" in the field of poverty reduction , and it is also one of the city's key popular projects. Combining with the ongoing education on the theme of “Do n’t forget your original heart and keep your mission in mind”, our bureau has further established its sense of purpose, really worked hard, and taken multiple measures to steadily promote the implementation and implementation of various work in rural dilapidated houses.

The first is to refine the deployment of responsibilities. 我局确定了一把手牵总、主管副局长负责、相关科室具体实施的工作机制, 起草制定 《深州市 2019-2020年度农村危房改造工作实施方案 》,明确工作任务、工作措施和节点时限。 As the lead department for the reconstruction of rural dilapidated houses , our bureau has determined the working mechanism of the chief executive, the deputy director in charge, and the specific implementation of relevant departments, drafting and formulating the implementation plan for the reconstruction of dilapidated houses in Shenzhou in 2019-2020 , and clarifying the work tasks. , Working measures and node time limit. The second is to deepen publicity and guide. 发放 1000余份 宣传页宣传危房改造政策,进一步提升群众对农危改政策的“知晓率”和政策执行“透明度”。 In the course of work promotion, the staff entered the village and households, and distributed more than 1,000 leaflets to publicize the policy on the renovation of dangerous houses, further improving the public's "awareness rate" for agricultural dangerous reform policies and the "transparency" of policy implementation. 督导重落实。 The third is to strengthen supervision and implementation. 每天一巡查、每周一汇总、每月一调度,认真细致检查危房改造工作进度、档案资料等,确保各环节顺利落实。 During the process of advancement, there will be a daily inspection, a weekly summary, and a monthly schedule. Carefully and meticulously check the progress of the renovation of dilapidated houses, archives, etc. to ensure the smooth implementation of each link.

In the next step, our bureau will strictly follow the requirements of the plan, cooperate with relevant departments, towns and villages to enter the households, and carry out house-by-house inspections on the types of poverty-stricken reform households, archives, and reform methods to “look back” to ensure that the reformed households move in. Safe room.

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