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Shenzhen plays its pivotal role to accelerate industrial agglomeration

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In recent years, based on actual conditions and innovative thinking, Shenzhen City has seized opportunities for the coordinated development of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei and the construction of Xiong'an New Area, and tightly centered on the location advantage of the "golden cross" of transportation. The transportation hub is transformed into a “turbine effect” for high-quality development, and new paths for economic and social development are explored in depth.

Turning Location into New Potential for Industrial Development

13 new projects with more than 100 million yuan signed, 60 projects under discussion, Beijing Cobo Bolognai invested 2 billion yuan in high-end home furnishing projects, and CECEP invested 470 million yuan in bio-natural gas projects ... Shenzhou City has successively introduced There are 35 furniture enterprises in Beijing, Tianjin and Zhejiang and 28 new-type decorative material production enterprises. Beijing · Shenzhou Green Furniture Industrial Park and New Material Industrial Park have begun to take shape.

Shenzhou City is located at the golden intersection of traffic, 100 kilometers away from Xiong'an New District. The city's Daguang Expressway, Beijing-Kowloon Railway and Shihuang Expressway, and National Highway 307 intersect in the urban area. Shijike passes through in the south. In particular, the Xiongshang high-speed rail transit station has set Shenzhou into the high-speed rail era. The city plans to build a new high-speed rail zone. Up to now, it has completed an investment of 340 million yuan. Zongsan Avenue has been opened to traffic, and related infrastructure such as sewage treatment plants have begun construction. In the provincial economic development zone close to the Daguang Expressway, Shenzhen City has re-planned and designed according to its functional orientation. Based on the principles of industrial agglomeration and chain penetration, it has actively built the Beijing-Tianjin Science and Technology Incubation Park, the Automotive Industry Park, and Beijing-Shenzhou Professional industrial parks such as home furnishing industrial park and new-type decorative materials industrial park.

The soft environment plus the bearing park has inserted the "double wings" of high-quality development for the development potential of the prime location. Since the beginning of this year, the city has been focusing on optimizing the business environment and insisting on the key links of planning, introduction, construction, and services. It has adopted full-service agency and nanny-type services to provide comprehensive services and vigorously improve service levels.

Activate the "nuclear kinetic energy" of technological innovation

With location, industry, and soft environment, the peripheral "turbine" of the agglomeration effect has been formed, but what makes this "turbine" really work is science and technology. The technological innovation is implanted into the enterprise and eventually forms the "core" of industrial agglomeration. Kinetic energy, a big game of high-quality development of the industry is really alive.

"Only new technologies and technologies can lead the future, and it has become the consensus of more and more enterprises in Shenzhou." Hebei Ruifeng Power Co., Ltd., a native of Shenzhou, invested 60 million yuan to establish an engineering technology research and development center, and cooperated with colleges and universities. Trained skilled personnel, successfully developed a variety of energy-saving and environmentally friendly products, and developed a multifunctional special-purpose combined machine tool and lost foam casting production line with international advanced level.

In recent years, the city has actively promoted supply-side structural reforms, aimed at high-end markets at home and abroad, strengthened the drive for technological innovation, formulated and issued implementation opinions, increased support and guidance, actively cultivated innovation subjects, built innovation platforms, optimized innovation formats, and continuously improved The level of technological innovation and capacity cooperation of enterprises. At present, Shenzhou City has cultivated a total of 282 high-tech small and medium-sized enterprises, 11 high-tech enterprises, 6 small tech companies, and 2 high-tech business incubators. The products are well sold in domestic and foreign markets.

The rise of the cultural industry triggers a new "change"

The city's rich cultural and tourism resources have become a new potential for ecological development. With the province's largest peach blossom scenic spot as the starting point, it is devoted to the development of rural tourism, which has ignited the "fire of stars" in the rural revitalization strategy and ignited the development of entrepreneurship The new industry's protagonist situation has formed the "nuclear fusion" effect of urban-rural integration.

Shenzhou City fully explored the regional folk culture, upgraded 192 cultural courtyards, established more than 50 farmers' cultural associations, and 86 peasant theater troupes, forming a cultural circle with rural tourism characteristics. The 800 acres of water in the urban area were specially constructed, and the construction of the second phase of the Dongshan Botanical Garden and landmark buildings of the gymnasium and sports park were completed. .

Based on the largest peach ecological scenic area in North China, the city deeply explores the diversified literary images such as the love culture, the "filial piety" culture, and the "shou" culture inherited from the peach culture. There are many scenic spots such as "Peach Blossom" and "Taoyuan Sanjieyi". At the same time, the ecological tourism has been further expanded, and the national civilized village Huotou Guhuai Garden, Xibagu Ancient Pear Garden, the beautiful Chinese model village Mazhuang Peach Town and Shixiang Pear Town have been formed. Point-supported development pattern.

The beautiful ecological environment and beautiful urban and rural scenery attract the attention of merchants from all over the place. At present, Shenzhou City has initially formed a working pattern featuring agricultural and sideline product processing, machinery manufacturing, household manufacturing, and emerging industries. It has more than 1,700 industrial enterprises of various types, with an annual output value of 24.6 billion yuan, profits and taxes of 2.25 billion yuan, and driving employment15 Ten thousand people.

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