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Our city leverages the third Hengshui Tourism Industry Development Conference to create a new situation of high-quality development

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Since the beginning of this year, our city has insisted on hosting the 3rd Hengshui Tourism Industry Development Conference as an important opportunity to accelerate high-quality development. It has cleverly set up scenic spots and made great efforts to realize the cultural heritage and cultural environment, The cultural tourism industry is used to promote the high-quality economic and social development by using the Tourism Development Conference.

The city insists on casting the soul with the text, organizing the Travel Development Conference, and developing tourism in the whole region. In the urban area, the Shenzhen Granary Museum has been actively built, and the new neighborhoods of Boling Road have been actively built. The river, network of roads, interior paintings, black pottery, peach wood and other characteristic cultural exhibitions have been passed down to enhance the cultural connotation of the city; The level of scenic spots has created the Wangjiajing Xingyi Cultural Town, and has built ancestral memorial halls, ancestral ancestral halls, Xingyi University, and Yanwuchang, and has promoted the protection and inheritance of this national intangible cultural heritage.

Our city adheres to the green concept, organizes a grand tourism development event, and develops tourism across the region. Based on the advantages of the urban water surface, the construction of the water system was accelerated, and a four-star park in Hebei Province and the first phase of the Dongshan Botanical Garden in Hengshui were constructed. The construction of the gymnasium and sports park was initiated and implemented, and the theme parks such as Yongsheng Comprehensive Park, Shunxing Ecological Park, and Great Wall Park were improved and improved. Based on this, our city is guided by the construction of the urban environment to create a peach industry science and technology demonstration park, which promotes the multiple effects of traditional peach cultivation and technology support, and builds "east production, middle life, west ecology, and south logistics" Urban pattern.

At the same time, our city adheres to brand leadership, bases on ecological advantages, expands the cultural tourism brand, expands its external influence, and attracts investors from all over the world to invest and start businesses.

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