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The delegation of the 3rd Hengshui Tourism Industry Development Conference visited our city

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On October 19, Wang Jingwu, secretary of the Hengshui Municipal Party Committee and Wang Jinang, director of the Standing Committee of the Hengshui Municipal People's Congress, led a delegation of the Third Hengshui Tourism Industry Development Conference to our city.

Accompanied by the leaders of our city, Zhang Xiaoyong, Ren Qiuyan, Wang Changshuan, Wei Zhichun, Fan Longhai, Liu Hongzhi, Zhang Aijun, etc., the delegation came to the Granary Museum in Shenzhou City, Wangjiajing Xingyi Cultural Town, Dongshan Botanical Garden and other places to conduct fieldwork. Visits.

Relying on the nation's only fully-preserved granary in the Qing Dynasty, Yingyi Yicang established the Granary Museum in Shenzhou City. During the preparation process, the city fully explored Yicang culture, making it an important cultural base integrating collection, display, education, and scientific research. It is also a special attraction and key project that our city will focus on during the current tourism development conference. Visitors were presented with a long history and farming characteristics of Yicang culture, canal culture and folk culture. Wang Jingwu fully affirmed the various work done by our city in the protection and restoration of cultural relics, and believed that the architectural decoration of the Shenzhou Granary Museum was well preserved, which reflected the wisdom of the masses and the superb architectural art of the late Qing Dynasty, showing the profound and richness of Shenzhou Historical and cultural style.

Shenzhou is the hometown of martial arts in the country and the birthplace of Xingyiquan. Xingyiquan ranks among the top four, and is a national-level intangible cultural heritage. Shenzhou is also honored as "the first village of martial arts". Since the beginning of this year, Shenzhou has built its Xingyi culture. In the hometown of Xingyi Boxer Li Laoneng, Wangjiajing Town, with Dou Wangzhuang Village and Yangwo Village as the core, it has created a Xingyi Cultural Town, and has built a ancestral memorial hall, an ancestral hall, Unique attractions such as Xingyi University. During the visit, Wang Jingwu asked our city to rely on Xingyiquan to build a tourist attraction that integrates Xingyiquan training, communication, performances, homestays, cultural tourism and other functions, and to promote Xingyiquan to better enter the country and the world.

The delegation also visited the Dongshan Botanical Garden, which was newly decorated and full of flowers after the expansion of the city. The expansion area of Dongshan Botanical Garden is divided into nine major districts and eight major attractions, and more than 90 plant communities such as nursery plants and flowers are arranged. The landscape of the expansion project is more focused on cultural display, and the fitness and recreation plate is supplemented and improved. Today's Dongshan Botanical Garden is full of vitality and tourists. The members of the delegation, while admiring the beautiful scenery, experienced the long Tai Chi culture and the long cheongsam show.

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