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The Municipal Housing and Urban Construction Bureau and the Municipal Urban Management and Law Enforcement Bureau organized a special program "Example 4"

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On the evening of October 21, according to the city's theme education work deployment, the Municipal Housing and Urban Construction Bureau and the Urban Management and Law Enforcement Bureau organized party members and cadres to watch the CCTV special program "Example 4" to listen to the moving stories of the example and accept the noble quality spiritual baptism.

The program focuses on the theme of “do not forget the original intention and keep in mind the mission”. Through the reproduction of typical deeds, live interviews with guests, and revisiting party vows, the program highlights the spirit of outstanding communists' firm beliefs, acting, serving the masses, and selfless dedication. A profound interpretation of the Chinese Communists' persistence and persistence in not forgetting their original intentions and keeping their mission in mind.

There is no gap without comparison, and no thought without touching. By watching the example of deeds, everyone said that they must learn to be advanced, follow the example, and be excellent party members. We must learn Zhang Fuqing's simple, pure, indifferent feelings of fame and fortune; learn Li Liancheng's style of righteousness, two sleeves of clean air; learn Huang Wenxiu's down-to-earth passion and hard work; learn Tang Zhenya's heart of serving the people and serving his life; learn Sui Yaoda, Li Meng, etc. Communists adhere to their original intentions, work hard, and are willing to make ordinary beliefs; learn the astronauts' dedication and selfless dedication.

A role model is a banner that can inspire fighting spirit. A role model is a lighthouse that can guide the direction. A role model is a spirit that can stimulate people's positive power. We will start with the theme of "Don't Forget Your Original Mind and Remember Your Mission". We will continue to deeply study and implement Xi Jinping's thoughts of socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era, temper the political character of loyalty, cleanliness, and solidify the "four consciousness" and firmness. "Self-confidence", resolutely achieve "two maintenances", and contribute new and greater strength to the development of Shenzhen's urban construction cause.

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