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Cultural tourism integrates new benchmark Xingyiquan Town in Shenzhen

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As the birthplace of Xingyiquan, in order to better protect, inherit, and develop Xingyiquan, this year, our city has adhered to the long-term vision and advanced concept, based on the ancestral culture foundation, and made good use of precious resource advantages. Douwangzhuang Village and Yangwo Village in Wangjiajing Town, the hometown of Lao Neng, create Xingyi Cultural Town.

Xingyiquan is one of China's four famous boxing fists and national intangible cultural heritage. It contains profound traditional Chinese culture and is a valuable cultural asset in Shenzhen, the country and the world. At the end of the Qing Dynasty, Li Laoneng, a native of Douwangzhuang, Shenzhou, founded Xingyiquan on the basis of the Dai's Xinyiquan in Qi County, Shanxi. In the following hundred years, many famous masters of Xingyiquan in the whole country emerged from the land of Shenzhou. Xingyiquan master Li Taihe, "Half-step collapse punches all over the world" Guo Yunshen, "Sacred hand showman" Liu Qilan, "Bei Xia", "Single Pole Li" Li Cunyi, Yiquan master Wang Jiuzhai, as shining stars shine in the martial arts , Glorious. Shenzhou is respected as "the first village of martial arts". So far, Shenzhou is still a "sacred place" in the minds of martial arts enthusiasts at home and abroad, and there are often domestic and foreign enthusiasts who come to visit and worship their ancestors.

Xingyiquan Town has a total investment of 100 million yuan, and is being built in four phases. Currently, 30 million yuan has been invested to build Xingyiquan Memorial Museum, Ancestor Hall, Xingyi University, movie-themed guesthouses, and catering services. Establish a tourist attraction that integrates Xingyi Boxing training, communication, performances, homestays, cultural tourism and other functions, and strive to create a sacred place for Xingyi Boxing fans at home and abroad, a window for Xingyi Boxing discussions, and an interactive cultural and interactive scenic spot. And business card showing the external image of Shenzhou.

The construction of Xingyiquan Town has set a new benchmark for cultural and tourism integration, and will greatly promote the revitalization of rural areas, the development of local tourism culture, and the promotion of local economic development.

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