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Renovation of the Granary Museum and the Featured Blocks of Boling Road in Our City

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The third Hengshui City Tourism Development Conference is about to be completed. At present, the reconstruction project of the Granary Museum and Boling Road featured streets in our city has been basically completed. It is welcoming the Tourism Development Conference with a new look.

The “Shenzhou Yingyi Yicang”, which was founded in the 24th year of Guangxu of Qing Dynasty and 1898 AD, is a special scenic spot and key project to be built during the current travel conference. The maintenance project of Yingzhou Yiyi Warehouse in Shenzhou was initiated in February 2014. The "Shenzhou Yingyi Yicang Maintenance Engineering Design Plan" was compiled by the Ancient Building Protection Institute of Hebei Province. Construction began in March 2016 and was completed in April this year. In July, it passed the acceptance of the Provincial Cultural Relics Bureau. In accordance with the cultural relics work policy of "mainly protection, rescue first, strengthen management, and reasonable utilization", our city relied on the ancient building of Yingzhou Yicang, Shenzhou, to establish the "Shenzhou Granary Museum" to fully explore Yicang culture and make it It has become an important cultural base integrating collection, display, education and scientific research. At that time, visitors will be shown a long history and rich farming characteristics of Yicang culture, canal culture and folk culture.

In order to prosper the tourism culture and economy, and adjacent to Yingzhou Yiyi Warehouse in Shenzhou, the city planned to build the antique Boling Road characteristic neighborhood, reconstruct and harden the street, and upgrade the houses and shops on both sides of the street to show the original building as much as possible. The style is consistent with the overall style of Yingyi Yicang. During the tourism conference, there will be shops with cultural characteristics of Shenzhou. Visitors can enjoy the deep and rich historical and cultural style of Shenzhou here.

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